Stuart Orchard is a musician/composer currently studying composition and music technology at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. He has a rich background as a singer/songwriter and has performed in a number of bands over the years.

Current obsessions include experimental improvisation with prepared piano and guitar, site specific composition and performance, found sounds, and ‘aeolian guitar’; a form of performance where wind is the main sounder of the instrument, and others.

In the last few years, Stuart has continued regular gigs whilst writing several orchestral scores Three vs Four, Skullbore, Five Three and Insider Outsider, plus a bevy of works for chamber ensemble exploring modern music techniques and concerned mainly with texture, rhythm and endurance.

Recent collaboration with friends bore fruit with Striations – with Stuart on vocals, Ben Greene on drums and Ryan Burge on ‘everything else’. The debut self-titled EP has been described as “bohemian, beat-poet, acid jazz”.

In 2015, Orchard’s album recorded and produced in Berlin, Ode to a Clone (formerly titled Unintended Consequences) is released. Followed up by a sortie of remixes entitled Ode to a Drone by colleagues in Perth.

Whilst studying, Stuart has now composed numerous original soundtracks for film and his song Love is a Hurricane was included in ABC 2019 series ‘The Heights’. This song was also played in the Sydney Opera House by album producer Mark Reeder as part of the Vivid Festival 2016.

Currently, Stuart performs with a handful of groups, including G & the French Knights, Mambo Chic, Captain Sparkles & the Dreadful Guests and the Stuart Orchard Band.

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