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Composition for Music Performance

2023 Performed Works

Improvisation Ensemble (Stuart Orchard, Josten Myburgh, Djuna Lee)

@Walyalup Weekend of Improvised Music

24th June, PS Art Space (Walyalup/Fremantle). 

2022 Performed works

Place in Wind: Dreams of Jan Pelgrom De Bye/Lament of Wouter Loos - Solo performance 

December 9th, Regional Sounds, Geraldton, WA.

2020 Honours Research

Practice-based research into design and construction of Interactive Aeolian Harp

2020 Performed works 

Place in Wind:  Dreams of Jan Pelgrom De Bye/Lament of Wouter Loos. (2020 Honours recital performance @WAAPA; Score: 92%)

Place in Wind commission (Tone List's Audible Edge Festival)

Improvisation on Diadophone and Hanging Percussion  (Shock of the New 2020.2)

Look Don’t Touch  (Richard Gill Auditorium, WAAPA)

The Spark the Heart the Smoke the Flame for solo piano (Richard Gill Auditorium, WAAAPA)

Dodecamoeba improvisation with piano and diadophone (Shock of the New 2020.1)

Improvisation for approximately ten minutes with 'Diadophone'. NoizeMaschine #109 May. (The Perth Artifactory, Osborne Park)

Improvisation for approximately ten minutes with 'Diadophone'. NoizeMaschine #110 June. (The Perth Artifactory, Osborne Park)

Improvisation for approximately ten minutes with 'Diadophone'. (OUTCOME UNKNOWN 4th Birthday, August. Paper Mountain, Northbridge).

SOUNDING TOGETHER 2020 group improvisation and Dhurrie Boys performance. (St.Paul's Church, Menora).

2019 Performed works 

Meditations on Medications for laptop ensemble and spatialised sound. (Richard Gill Auditorium, WAAPA)

Depths of Superficiality for orchestra, and electric guitar ensemble. Richard Gill Auditorium, WAAPA).

Skol Thor (I’ve taken my family [and friends] hostage with my [vast and unwieldy] sensitivities) for orchestra. (Richard Gill Auditorium, WAAPA).

Hymn for voice and guitar. (Richard Gill Auditorium, WAAPA)

Guitarist in Electric Guitar Orchestra (EGO)  Improvisation with Korin Gath and Ethan Bellhouse, (Church)

2018 Performed works 

Fibonacci Escapee for unspecified chamber ensemble. (Sound Spectrum 2018.2, Edith Cowan University)

3 vs 4  for orchestra. WAAPA Music Auditorium (now ‘Richard Gill Auditorium’).

2017 Performances

Performer in A Wave of Waves Michael Pisaro. (Midland Railway Workshops).

Performer Ann Le Baron Frogs

MUSIC FOR FILM - Sound Design and Composition


Skin Problem 

The Riddle of Femininity



Wheels in Motion

Corrupted Mirror



Isolation through Technology 

Case of Magic

Carnal Privilege (Opening music and recording):


2018 Striations Striations

2017 Stuart Orchard Ode to a Drone

2015 Stuart Orchard Ode to a Clone

2013 Stuart Orchard Crucial Colours

2013 The Slack Karaoke 

Portfolio: Portfolio
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